Clouds in the sky

I am one for endorsing the merits of cloud computing, as previous articles will testify, however it does have one very major headache to overcome, the connection to it. As I have pointed out in the past if you want to use ‘The Cloud’, and by that I mean centralise your systems and work, thin client style, then you need a good, fast reliable internet connection. This obviously goes against those happy to buy a cheap service from any of the thousands of providers reselling BT services but as my holiday in Palma goes you can’t put a price on a good internet connection.

The first time you notice you have a bad one is that mid sentence your screen locks and you think for a moment that your server at the other end has had a midlife crisis. However it then dawns on you that you can’t see the weather report locally (it’s going to be sunny but just to make sure) and as you start to ping every IP you can remember. Suddenly it all comes back to life. Sure, I am from a technical background, but I there are many CEO’s out there ready to throttle their IT man (not that it his fault be he suggested this stupid Cloud thing) when they are out of the office unable to send that important memo (about how great there holiday is).

Obviously in the UK, Fluidata can come to the rescue and sell you something that won’t break but when at the mercy of other internet connections you must have a backup plan. It has taken me an hour or so to write this in between drinking my G&T, good thing it isn’t very important otherwise I would be demanding my PC went to being a laptop again.

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