Bonded ADSL2+ takes on EFM

A lot of focus on the wholesale platform is giving other ISPs the ability to bond multiple lines together to get EFM speeds using the nationwide Be ADSL2+ network. We have had a lot of success recently with Cisco’s MLPPP protocol enabling multiple lines to act as one end to end. As you can see from the below graph showing a speed test that it achieved 26.7 Mb/s download and 4.0 Mb/s upload on two lines bonded at over 1,500 meters from the exchange. This accurately doubles the capacity of the individual lines.

We are continuing to work with our partners on developing this offering to include more than two lines so that leased line speeds are achieved across this network.


  • Doug says:

    The big difference between this and an actual leased line is that this is not synchronous. I work in this sector and sell data circuits and I can quite easily flatten this kind of proposal because most of the time the company is looking for a synchronous connection and this is their main pain point.

  • Doug says:

    Wow too much coffee today – synchronous = symmetrical in my above comments.

  • admin says:

    That is true – but sometimes leadtime and cost mean truely symmetrical services are out of reach for most and copper services can help fill the gap either EFM or bonded DSL.

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