Shame that it looks like T-Mobile and Orange will join forces in the UK creating the largest mobile operator. From my perspective, as a consumer, I was hoping it would be O2 gobbling up T-Mobile. As a big IPhone fan I was hoping the mixture of O2’s customer service and T-Mobile’s 3G network would improve the service I currently receive.

I was on the T-Mobile network a year or so ago and while the 3G network was excellent (ie it worked while on the train) getting any kind of support from them was near impossible. By contrast O2 offers a great customer service regularly topping the charts in customer satisfaction, however their 3G network could do with further investment to make the most of the IPhone. It could of course just be the shortcomings of the IPhone (as I haven’t used the O2 network with a different handset) but I do think the mixture of the two networks would have been a good one.

Also it would have secured O2’s strategy with regards to the IPhone, opening it up to the wider T-Mobile audience and potentially third party networks such as Virgin Mobile which sit on the back of the network.

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