What’s in a brand?

Company branding has always held a level of interest for me and when running your own business something that needs direction right from the beginning. I believe it evokes strong emotion and that without any actual evidence can sway a decision to buy a product or service. Over the years the Fluidata logo has remained the same but the look and feel has evolved. But what does it stand for? And how is it perceived by our clients? Questions I will be asking in the near future.

Branding is so interesting and even shouting out some loves and hates around the office the feedback is interesting and surprisingly similar. For example why is opinion divided so heavily on British Airways and why am I so keen to defend it? Have they given me great service? Not really. Are they cheap? Getting there but still Ryanair are cheaper as long as you don’t use the toilet and agree to share your seat with someone else. But something deep down makes me love the company and I am not someone who flies very much.

Then on the other side you have Virgin who not only run an airline (successfully from what I can make out) but also slap their logo on everything else you might want to buy. Does it make me love the brand? No. Why? I don’t know but obviously see through the marketing pretence and see the service underneath.

Others banded about the office included love for Innocent, Diesel, Lexus, Nike, Apple, Audi, Waitrose and Adidas. Hates included ASDA, Starbucks, Gap and Mercedes. What made people shout out these names in the first place? Let alone have an opinion on why they like or disliked them.

As I said even the smaller company can’t ignore the impact a brand has and the importance of ensuring you have a good one.

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