Another trial BT?

BT recently announced details on their FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) trial that they are planning across the UK. They are looking to enable roughly 0.035% of the available cabinets with this technology making the trial anything but a publicity exercise.

I am sorry but hosting VDSL equipment in the cabinet is going to end in tears – how many of you I wonder have walked along the road and seen a open BT cabinet with the wires exposed? I for one walk past an open cabinet next to our office on a daily basis so I wonder how this technology will stand up in the real world.

And why when you are running fibre to the cabinet, installing local technology and investing in brining on new clients would you only offer up to 60 Mb/s down and 10 Mb/s up? We (ie Fluidata) already offer 60 Mb/s down and 8 Mb/s up using ADSL2+ technology to nearly 18 million homes and businesses – and have done for the past two years!

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