What credit crunch?

Ok petrol is more expensive and food is just silly money (well it is if you are too lazy to walk any further than Marks) but I really can not yet see the affects. I think the majority of this crisis is like most things, corrupt city boys with the red braces and lots of classically uneducated and ill informed british press. If anything it is very much like the carbon issue basically just a damn good title which makes excellent headlines.

Our bank (Natwest Commercial) however appears to be behaving as normal. I was kindly invited by the bank manager recently for a days shooting in east London which was excellent. I was able to hide the fact that I had a gun license and so didn’t disgrace myself too much when I missed a few clays. But what impressed me most was the relaxed nature of the event. Seemingly happy and relaxed customers and good discussions about business and expansion plans.

We are trying to carry out a few acquisitions this year and with our strong growth over the past two years I will look to capitalise on the fact that everyone else seems to be very negative. Hopefully we can keep the positive attitude at the bank and they will view our expansion plans in the cold light of day and not take too much notice of the crunch!

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