Hard Top – what a difference!

Now in keeping with my promise to make sure this isn’t all about telecoms I have recently taken delivery of a new Mazda MX-5 (2.0 Sport RC for those who like detail!). Cars are a big passion of mine and while it is completely pointless owning a car when the majority of the week I live in London and have the pleasure of cycling into work I do like to have my own set of wheels. Why the Mazda? Well it is my third in the last two years and this one is the new model which has the folding hard top.

I always thought it wasn’t very british to have such a car, especially as I considered my previous roof as an umbrella (basically down all the time unless it was raining!) but this car is just brilliant. And unlike the others on the market you still can use the boot in exactly the same way when the roof is down. The difference is you can actually have a conversation with someone now at certain motorway speeds which was difficult in the old car. Just surprised I don’t see many around.

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