Google flouting UK laws?

I have officially fallen out of love with Google. Those geeky chaps from America are no longer friendly nice people they are in fact against British business and our laws. It is probably due to now being run by those city boys in red braces but that makes no excuse for them to change policy on trademarks in respect to their Adwords.

Basically my frustration comes by the fact that they have recently changed their policy on trademarks which means competitors can use your company name or any other product name you have protected in their search criteria. Now while some companies wouldn’t see this as an issue in our industry it is all to easy to get marred by inferior products and competitors. They used to have a 0% policy which was excellent as you knew where you stood but now it is poorly upheld and Google have taken the back seat probably because of the amount of paperwork.

So the rule of thumb is that if you trademark a brand or product like we have with Fluidata then it means nothing in terms of online advertising protection as far as Google are concerned. I should say at this point that we have ceased all Google advertising as a result but it is actually quite good in finding new opportunities…

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