The new place in the med

I spent an enjoyable week with my father at his new home in Montenegro where he has setup a business, Montenegro Marine Services, supporting yachts and motor boats in their newest marina, Porto Montenegro. With over £100m being invested into the marina it was the location for Nat Rothschild’s 40th birthday bash, as one of the investors, and proved to be an excellent location for a little time away from the office.

Unfortunately the hotels for the marina aren’t finished yet but if you are looking for a location next year, when they probably will be, I can heartily recommend it. That whole coast including Croatia is stunning and rather unspoilt making it one of the most interesting coastlines in the med. I even managed to do a bit of diving with ex Russian military divers Boris and Igor (I love a good cliché) who demonstrated how clear the water was at 35 meters.

I am already planning the trip next year and even considering the diabolical idea of taking the Atom there

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