Speed limits

Driving back into London last night got me thinking of the Governments new speed penalties which will be coming into force very shortly. Basically anyone caught exceeding the speed limit by 15 MPH will find 6 points on their licence and a severe telling off, even a court hearing. That means 85 MPH on the motorway.

Is it just me or everyone else that doesn’t understand who in government is advising it on new policies. As per all government initiatives it starts off with concessions, ie lowering the penalty for minor offensives and then forgetting those but enforcing the stronger ones? I am sure this will not be enforced by police officers either but more likely to be more of those SPEC camera systems which measure you speed over a given distance.

Anyway back to why I got thinking about this. While driving back I was able to observe sixteen cars in the fast lane all making fast progress at 100 MPH in what I could see perfect consideration for other road users. They all had reasonably modern cars, they had a good distance behind each other and visibility was good and traffic light. A lot less dangerous than the chap in the Mondeo doing 50 MPH in the middle lane (not overtaking anyone!) or the cyclist I nearly hit who was cycling along a dual carriage way outside Oxford with no lights in the fast lane!

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