Company Benefits

I found in terms of attracting and retaining staff, extra benefits can help even a small business to flourish. For a while I thought it was only really a ‘big’ ie enterprise company thing to do but as time has gone on I have seen bigger benefits in offering extras such as private health insurance and gym membership to employees.

Fluidata offers all its employees a health insurance scheme which means most if not all are not contributing more than £5 per month towards fully private health and dental cover. The reason not the whole amount is covered is that the contribution by the company is capped. This not only makes it fairer to all people in the office (those who don’t smoke for example get a cheaper rate) but also limits the company’s contributions. I think the unknown cost of offering such a benefit is the main decision factor for small companies not to offer it.

Also it reminds the employee each month that they have this cover which for health is not too important but for something like gym membership is especially if they don’t go that often. That way it is not taken for granted and the company isn’t paying for something that the employee is not using.

Hopefully the investment in health and exercise (also started an office fruit bowl) will bring a further benefit of less sick leave in the future. I’ll let you know if this is a measurable return.

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