Autoglass – touch and go

Bit off topic but suffered from a large crack along my windscreen the other day. In a car that has only done 1,500 miles it is somewhat soul destroying to think the car won’t be the same again.

However after finally arranging Autoglass to my home (two failed visits!) the day was great (apparently you need that for the glue to dry properly) and I must say I am very impressed with the job that has been done. Had a chat with the bloke (made it look like to keep him company, but more to check on operations) and he was quite a car nut and had owned a few MX-5s before which boded well for a quality job. Although a few plastic covers were broken around where the windscreen wipers connect to the car he did a great job. I’ll just find the necessary replacement caps online but at least I can look forward to the winter without fearing a car full of water. I kid you not had an Audi A3 which was almost new – broken in to steal my TomTom from the glove box. From that day on I had to endure a good few litres of rain water sloshing around the foot well until I came to sell the car a few months later. No matter how many times they came back they couldn’t stop the repaired window from leaking, Audi didn’t care and nor did my insurance company!

So moral of the story is if you find yourself waiting for Autoglass to repair your car, hope for good weather and pray that the chap fixing it will actually have a molecule of petrol in his/her blood!

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