Email on the move

Until recently I was always very proud of the fact that I never setup my iPhone to receive email and so the only time I responded to email was when I was sitting at my computer. My argument was that I was not addicted to checking email all the time and that I got a chance to relax when away from the office. I also felt that when I had taken the time and care to write to someone, maybe asking a question or for some information I wanted a considered and detailed response – not a one-liner from a smart phone.

That situation changed this week with the arrival of a number of iPads into the office. With us now offering layer-2 access SIMs for corporate 3G access it made sense to have a number of pads on which to demonstrate it’s capability. All part of the ‘Tried and Tested’ mythology. Anyway it now meant I had no excuse and now could easily receive email while on the move…

Being out of the office for a number of meetings this week put it to the test, and I have to say, I have been missing out! Firstly the iPad makes perfect sense, providing a great base to check and reply to emails from. Secondly the full integration into Exchange makes it easier to have more than one device serving email as you don’t have to repeat yourself when back at your desk.

Now I just need to not get addicted to it. I am even updating this blog from it so I think very quickly it is going to get out of control…

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