Learn how to drift a Caterham

How to drift

I spent an enjoyable day yesterday at Silverstone with Caterham learning how to drift. For those of you without petrol coursing through your veins basically controlled skidding. The idea is to enable you to keep the car going around a corner by breaking traction and then balancing the throttle to keep it there as long as possible.

Naturally it wasn’t the easiest skill to master but with some very patient instructors we were shortly throwing our cars around the bends. They had made life a little easier by fitting skinnier back wheels and pumping them right up, while reducing the stiffness at the front and dropping the nose slightly. This made the rear easier to kick out and break traction making for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I see though I have more practice before I will be able to compete against the Drift King, Mauro Carlo, who managed this week to break a world record by drifting his car 2,308 meters. All good experience before the Atom arrives later in the summer…

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