World IPv6 Day

In preparation for tomorrow, the Telegraph has done a piece on the World IPv6 Day, which I assume will make it into the broadsheet (you’ll notice the little comment at the bottom). It will be an interesting time for the industry, as nearly all users will be completely unaware that behind the scenes devices are dual stacked to deliver the same content but on both IPv4 and IPv6.

I do believe that without the barriers of IPv6 adoption, namely ISPs not delivering it to their customers as standard, we will see a greater advancement of technologies and services that can make the most of literally unlimited IP addresses.

There are still challenges however in the industry as a whole. We have struggled and failed to find off-the-shelf low cost routers that support IPv6 out of the box today – most engineers for the manufactures say it is months away before it ships as standard. And ironically hosting software seems well behind; CPANEL is stating November 2011 before upgrades are made to its software, and ironically my blog sits on WordPress software that doesn’t officially support it either (but we have found a way around that so will be deploying it shortly).

So look out tomorrow for any interesting activities while surfing, but I am sure it will be all very boring and work as it is supposed to!

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