The other week I was invited along to another one of Daylesford’s excellent cookery courses held at their headquarters in Kingham, Gloucestershire. This time it wasn’t so much about cooking and rather about learning the art of butchery.

Now while being a meat eater I do think quite a bit about animal cruelty and was a bit concerned it might be all a bit much, but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the day. If anything I left with a greater respect for the animals we eat on a regular basis and also all the hard work good butchers actually have to do. Did you know for example that there are nearly 140 different cuts possible from a lamb?

Obviously Daylesford have animal welfare and quality at the highest standards, and while it is very expensive to buy their meat, spending time on this course more than explains actually how much work and investment goes into each animal. You get the point actually where you would prefer to eat a little less meat day to day and save up to eat this quality when you do. So you can guess who got the order for the Christmas Turkey and leg of ham…

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