Bandwidth Bandits!

Christmas is always a time for New Year resolutions and this year is no different. This time however there has been a bit more organisation with thirteen of us in the office agreeing to a gruelling fitness regime. It all starts in January with the culmination in May being the toughest twelve mile assault course, designed by British Special Forces, Tough Mudder!

To get us in the spirit we have named our team Bandwidth Bandits and will be raising money for Help the Heroes who are associated with the event. If you get five minutes check out the Tough Mudder website, our challenges include monkey bars over a lake (with some of the bars greased), pipes going underwater, 12 foot high walls, walls of fire and even running through live electrical cables each with 10,000 volts pulsating through them!

We are all a little bit daunted by the prospect, but waiting until after Christmas before hitting the gym and getting ready, for what will be, a serious challenge.

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  • Simon (AKA Toughest Mudder) says:

    I am sitting here reading your blog eating a mince pie! The start reality of 12 Miles of SAS style assault course crossing 28 intensive obstacles has not yet kicked in!

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