Apps continue to proliferate

I spent an interesting hour the other evening testing a new IPad app my bank are looking to launch later this year. I was expecting to go a long and just have a play and give my feedback, but instead I was ushered into a room with cameras, microphones with oneway glass along the wall. I was then introduced to the ‘user experience consultant’ who asked me a number of questions and tasks to complete while noting my response.

While I should have expected this level of professionalism, when it comes to apps you don’t. You just expect them to be quickly put together and then a number of updates over the coming months to fix the inevitable bugs or interface. Instead, well with this app at least, they are going to a launching a slick and impressive product that their customers will enjoy. You may argue they are late to the market but I think banks on the whole have been quite slow to adopt this growing opportunity.

Security must be a big part of any decision as I was asked on more than one occasion if I felt I needed more or less security when interacting with the app. How many times should you enter your passwords when completing a transaction for example? I think from the bank point of view one was enough but actually doing it I felt more comfortable with a couple.

Hopefully this trend for well thoughtout useful apps will continue.

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