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Isn’t it great when you receive service from a company you have never used before and it exceeds your expectations? It is probably the state of our society that ‘good’ and ‘service’ are not always synonymous, or maybe that is just telecoms, but always important to note high quality service, so here goes. Having had my car nearly two years I was due for some new tyres. Unfortunately four wheel drive usually means all four wheels and a low profile tyre usually means lots of money. Having covered just over 22,000 miles on a set of Pirelli PZeros with a heavy right foot I was quite happy with their performance and so just wanted more of the same.

A search on the internet brought me to the door of Event Tyres and after a brief check at the reviews online I scheduled a fit on Saturday morning. The van turned up at 10:30 and proceeded to get to work carefully removing the wheels before replacing the tyres and balancing them in the van. A slick, efficient service which, as exciting as changing your car tyres sound, meant I have no scratched alloys and wheels so smooth I have a noticeable improvement in ride quality. It might just be coincidence but I had a very nice ride back into London last night with potholes making less of a jarring than I have been used to – never experienced anything like it just from a tyre change. Anyway and the best bit? I saved nearly £150 over the next best quote I could find.

So when you need to replace the tyres on your car, I suggest you give these guys a shout.

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  • Robin Balen says:

    I’ve used Event Tyres a few times — including during all the snow over last Christmas — and they’ve been excellent. Another wholehearted recommendation!

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