Another year, another Goodwood

I am recovering after my weekend of debauchery at Henley Regatta and Goodwood Festival of Speed. Goodwood was another superb day and even with its familiar format from last year it managed to keep my attention throughout the day. A few stars of the day including the new Jaguar XKR-S (which is the colour I have chosen for the Atom) and the fantastically strange Morgan Three Wheeler. To be honest I found myself questioning the choice of the Atom, especially as you can get the new Morgan painted like a Spitfire, but I am sure later in the summer I won’t regret it.


  • Simon says:

    Do you forget about the beautiful Austin Martin One-77 or the BMW Concept car, so rendered that it actually might not be there!

    And of course, always a winner at Goodwood, the Vulcan Bomber flown by the original 1982 Falkland’s pilot. Even the Harvard Fellow could not explain to me how this craft stayed in the air!

    • Piers says:

      Do you know I read yesterday that when they were testing our nuclear bombs on Christmas island back in the 50’s they made a Vulcan fly through the mushroom cloud to see what would happen. Who would be a test pilot?

  • I’m betting somebody from RyanAir :). Of course RyanAir didn’t exist back then but that would ruin the joke.

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