New website for Fluidata

Today sees the launch of our new company website Using the latest in WordPress technology I am now able to edit the site as much as I like without having to involve the support team. Something I am sure they are very happy about. It also means I can get more of the company involved to write articles or maintain parts of the website.

If you have a moment look at the news section ( which is a great resource for news and opinion pieces in our industry and subscribe to get email updates on the left-hand side. Hopefully you will like the new look, more of an evolution rather than revolution. Feedback always welcome.


  • Ken says:

    I’m not too keen, it looks a tad tacky. Preferred the old one!

    • Piers says:

      Fair enough – hopefully as the images get updated and the content starts to change you might prefer it… Or maybe like a BMW where it takes time to appreciate the look!

  • Kevin says:

    Can’t access your web-site at the moment, it appears your IPv6 is broken…

    Trace route to your web-site results in “Destination net unreachable”.

  • Kevin says:

    That’s strange, it still isn’t working.

    The IPV6 address being resolved is 2a00:f18:6::1:0:102

    When I try and trace route the the above address, it fails at hop5, which is [2a01:348:0:4:0:15:1:1]

    with error destination net unreachable.

  • Kevin says:

    We’ve worked out why it isn’t working, we tunnel all our IPV6 traffic so we have a lower MTU.

    Because you have turned off ICMP, we aren’t able to access your web-site (which will be the case for many people who try to access your web-site over a IPV6 tunnel).

    • Piers says:

      I didn’t realise tunnelling reduced the MTU. We dual stack everything so haven’t seen that issue. We have enabled ICMP now so should look better – they joys of IPv6!

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