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A changed perspective

So last Friday saw me making my way to rural Somerset to collect my bank destroying, rib crushing, scary, horse like (read previous post!), and irrefutably handsome car. I was rather nervous and a little bit intimidated on my journey there, but once I spent a bit of time with the guys who built it and familiarised myself with the car I was ready for the trip back home.

Unfortunately a bit of it was on the motorway but that at least meant I was able to get used to the controls and the high number of people hanging out of windows with phones taking photos. Obviously I should have expected this, but I was more expecting the knowledgeable nod from a few car nuts rather than every person being interested in it. Probably Top Gear’s popularity and Clarkson’s flabby face in the wind is to blame.

But god it is fast. I haven’t yet given it the full beans, but I haven’t been hanging around either – apparently it is good to drive the car properly during running in as you don’t want the inside of the engine to polish up too quickly as it apparently reduces power and keeps the engine tight. So I have been buzzing around Worcestershire and Gloucestershire this weekend and hoping for more of the same in the next few weeks. First impressions other than the speed? Surprisingly easy to control, few squeaks from the chassis (metal on metal with no soundproofing), addictive and loud sound right behind your ears and little wind buffeting with the optional windscreen. No helmet required thank goodness.

The biggest impression however was when I got back into the Audi on Sunday evening and it was like climbing into a Rolls Royce I kid you not. The light steering, quietness and calming suspension made me question why I had thought it was a bit hard and fidgety previously. Obviously now I have a true reference, and while the Atom never feels uncomfortable, it is a different experience which makes it a pleasure owning both.

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