From Vision to Exit

I attended Guy Rigby’s book launch for ‘From Vision to Exit’ in the City recently. I’ve known Guy for a few years now in a professional capacity, so was intrigued to see the book, especially as it was billed as ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Selling a Business’. Obviously I wasn’t interested in those quotes that have my name next to them, next to the likes of Richard Branson or James Caan.

Guy Rigby

To be honest I had forgotten giving those quotes, as it was so long ago, but it obviously takes to put such a book together, especially one that covers all aspects of running a business and quotes so many interesting people (not me of course!). I haven’t managed to sit down and read through it yet, but I’m looking forward to taking it on my next holiday, as it looks just like the sort of book I would pick up and buy at the airport.

Although they say that everyone has a book inside them, I think when you look at the finished product, it is quite a daunting prospect, and it will be a few years yet before I decide to put pen to paper!

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