Which exchange? I’ll have two please.

It beggars belief but for those of you who have read my previous pieces on the aggregation services Fluidata offers in the form of PureFluid and Advance, it turns out that other carriers out there are unashamedly lying to their prospective customers. A lot of what we do at Fluidata is talk about different carriers and utilising networks that are different to each other to maximise on uptime. However there are always physical limitations and one of those is how the cables are installed into the ground connecting the office to the telephone exchange.

Even though the majority of the solutions we propose use different technology within the exchange (ie service from BT and service from C&W) the fact is we have no control over which exchange the client is connected to or getting it changed – nor does anyone else. However quite a few high profile names out there are telling clients that the service they are delivering is coming from two separate telephone exchanges rather than the same one. Obviously they have to rely on this deception as they are only able to provide services through the same carrier and the customer would be none the wiser that in fact the service is delivered through the same exchange.

So if you are looking at deploying DSL or even lower end fibre services there is no control over the physical route the cable takes. Only if you are spending serious money would a carrier consider digging up the road and running cables to a different location. If you are unsure, find out which ‘exchanges’ they are proposing on using and then name and shame them here.

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