When the best gets better

We have been selling our BURST service for a number of years offering clients up to 20 Mb/s downstream and 2.6 Mb/s upstream across the UK utilising Telefonica’s ADSL2+ Annex-M network. Our recent announcement that we have lowered the contention guarantee to 5:1 further enhances this product offering. The VOX 2.0 product, which is delivered over the same network, offering (confusingly) up to 2.6 Mb/s symmetrically has had a reduction to 1:1 pitching it directly against IP Frame Relay and SDSL products.

So now businesses can be further assured of the high availability of these products and continue to benefit from the short contract term of 3-months, install time of a day and no download restrictions. It also means that bonding these lines together using PureFluid puts it directly in the path of leased lines delivering up to 60 Mb/s down and 8 Mb/s up.

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