Video is finally here

The video-presence suite is now up and running. There are a few final adjustments to make in terms of optimising connectivity and aspect ratios of the cameras but for a first attempt at this technology it is staggering. Already a number of very high profile blue-chip clients have been into our office in London and Videonation’s in Manchester to try it out.

The picture you see here is actually using our PureFluid product aggregating three separate carrier lines (BT, C&W and Telefonica) into one 8 Mb/s symmetric pipe. We need to use this until the fibre is installed but even we were surprised how effective it was in dealing with time critical data across the three separate networks. A good demonstration as to how far our aggregation technology has come in the past four years.

The setup allows twelve people to conference with a further screen displaying a common screen for presentations. And because it utilises LifeSize technology the system is fully compatible with other makes and manufacturers so not every office needs to have a full dedicated suite.

The rest of the demo suite will be completed in the next month to showcase our connectivity offering so potential clients can get a full experience prior to signing on the dotted line.

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