Train hard, fight easy

With Christmas nearly upon us plans in the office have turned away from eating lots and relaxing to our next Tough Mudder challenge in May. Tough Mudder is the 12 mile obstacle course 13 of us, as the Bandwidth Bandits, completed this year. Next year however we seem to have a lot more interest with nearly 30 wanting to do it and ready to start training in earnest in the New Year.

The prospect of organising another challenge, especially after doing a smaller Mud Runner with about 20 staff members in October, has got me thinking on how productive our exercise push has been and what it has meant for Fluidata. It all started many years ago when I started the corporate gym membership (as I wanted to get fit) and while we had a few people take it up it is only really when we started training for the first Tough Mudder as a team that the rest of the company sat up and took notice.

Now I am pleased to say we have a high level of physical activity within the office (important considering most of our time is spent at a desk in front of a PC) with people taking time to swim or run at lunchtime and then hit the gym in the evening or play football. And while the business is probably receiving less hours in terms of hours worked I am sure the hours now are more productive, sick leave is lower and people seem less tired and more positive.

Brent Gleeson sums it up better than me, being an ex Navy SEAL about the impact of being fit and bringing fitness to your office. Obviously it required me to lead by example but now we seem to have momentum I can watch the positive impact it is having in the business and keep organising challenging competitions!

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