Time to play

The playroom in the office is finally up and running. Bit difficult to make it out from the photo but sits alongside the video presence suite and gives visitors a chance to view all of Fluidata’s connectivity products in action. I think it must be a first for an ISP to showcase all their products but I think it is important in helping customers decide which service is best for them.

It is all well and good saying to a potential customer on the phone that the solution being proposed will do what they require but it is a different matter all together to demonstrate it. Too many in the telecoms industry hide behind contracts and long lead times, so to cut all the red tape and just show the product will give us a distinct advantage. Visitors can either see the products being demonstrated or can bring in their own equipment to test with. The room has a couple of screens and a generous number of power and connectivity ports alongside the mandatory Wii and kick back area.

One of the biggest aims of the playroom is to effectively demonstrate the range of failover and aggregation products which customers are skeptical about prior to purchasing. With Fluidata being the only carrier in the UK to successfully bond multiple technologies and carriers it is important for prospective clients to see it cope with VoIP, Video and Data. Also with the range of different ADSL2+ technologies available across the country it is useful to test the Telefonica O2 product next to the Cable & Wireless and BT 21CN products. Next to all the copper there is even a fibre line so pretty much any topology can be copied and tested.

If you are interested in seeing this room in action, then give the sales team a call and arrange an appointment. In the meantime I’ll keep you up to speed on any further developments.

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