They are doing their best

I think it is a big testament to our years under a Labour government that we have all become a bunch of whiners. We are experience unprecedented levels of snow across the country and the only thing I am hearing are people complaining about how badly our country is coping.

Labour focused heavily on large government to such an extent that we are unable to think for ourselves and now believe someone is to blame for anything outside our own control. The fact is we have lost our Dunkirk spirit and it is going to take decades for us to change the way we live and work together. The snow is a great leveller as it brings everyone together with one common issue that instead of getting on with, we spend our time backbiting and attributing blame.

I think we are doing a great job – yes for some it has been highly inconvenient (I will be having Christmas dinner in a half refurbished house for one) but the fact is we are dealing with conditions that most countries, not just Britain, would struggle with. Airports across Europe have had to shut, train lines disrupted and general travel chaos. But with a bit of personal responsibility I think most could have avoided making the situation worse by taking matters into their own hands rather than blindly following instructions.

Obviously the media hasn’t helped by egging on the situation (they love a crisis) and some companies (such as Eurostar) need to learn how to deal with people in times of a problem. Regular communication is important – even if that is to say there is no information. But having said all that I do think we have coped better than previous years. Yes it could be better, and I hope lessons will be learned, but let’s also hope that as a society we all take a bit of responsibility for ourselves and prepare better for the next time.

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