Customer gifts at Christmas?

As Christmas fast approaches we decided this year to send our mugs again to clients as a thank you for choosing Fluidata. Not hugely extravagant gift, but it does add up when you are sending thousands of them out! Just really recognition of their custom and hopefully small enough that they shouldn’t get into too much trouble with their superiors for accepting gifts (a minefield in current economic times). Hopefully if you are a customer, and you are reading this then you will have it, otherwise drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

For this version we decided to go for a more ‘limited edition’ version of the mug we use internally (black and silver instead of white) and as you can see from one of the photos a customer just sent us, it is appreciated.

Very difficult to choose something that customers wouldn’t just disregard after Christmas and that would survive Royal Mail. We looked at pens, umbrellas, usb sticks etc but all seemed to either be a cliché or impractical. For those of you considering sending out gifts to customers, I would highly recommend it – just make sure it is personal and you pick the right item.

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