The rise of stealth taxes

Considering there are over 20 million motorists in the UK, it is surprising what rubbish we put up with. You would have thought by upsetting so many people with the huge tax burden, it would become more of a political issue. But as we are all green and ill informed when it comes to emissions and the impact on the environment we are happy to take it.

Not for much longer. It is incredible, that in an election year, Gordon Brown feels it is acceptable to continue to take the mickey and charge 2% extra on fuel duty when he shouldn’t be. It all started when the government came up with the brilliant idea of lowering VAT to 15%. But then they realised their biggest VAT source, fuel, would reduce revenues so they added a further 2% duty tax mitigate any benefit. It doesn’t matter, thought the government, people need fuel and they are too stupid to complain. And maybe we didn’t complain (because we were too interested in working out what a 2.5% reduction meant in the high street, ie not very much) but now that VAT is back up to 17.5% we should as we are now paying a further 2% more.

Unfortunately in our democratic society the only protest that seems to work is blockades and violence. However seeing that we are all too busy trying to work this country out of the black hole it has been put in, can you please take a few minutes to fill in this non violent petition? Hopefully someone will get around to reading it.

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  • Shireen says:

    Well the more motorist pay on their Fuel the less they will pay towards leisure and retail which what we should be doing to help revive the economy, isnt that what the government is constantly banging on about!!!

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