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Technology helps make exercise fun

A big part of my training for the Tough Mudder event we are doing in May has been to run. God didn’t gift me with a running body and so to enter an event that requires over 12 miles of running has meant I have had to step up my game. Let’s be clear, I am the sort of person who gets a stitch running four hundred yards, so to manage the course I have had to spend some time pounding the pavements. But running is so boring, that was until I was introduced to Nike+ and their fantastic iPhone app, which has meant I can now comfortably run 10 KM and continue building up to 20 KM.

I am able to record with GPS accuracy my routes, time, pace, altitude and so forth. I can share my runs on Facebook and keep a record of how far I have gone in total. All of which has weirdly made running quite fun and now I find myself talking about running with my fellow Bandwidth Bandits over a cup of tea in the office kitchen.

But this technology doesn’t just stop at running, I have also found on iTunes SkiTrack and BikeTrack which both now reside on my iPhone and regularly record any skiing trip or mountain bike journey. If you are planning on doing some more exercise I would recommend looking for an app because you will push harder, especially if you are planning on sharing your achievements with your friends on Facebook!

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