February London Bridge The Shard

Onwards and upwards

With the May deadline fast approaching the Shard looks nearly finished. Apparently the final bit will be brought in by helicopter so I will be keeping an eye out but being a 24 hour site I am sure that part will happen during the night.

The next big part of the project will be to complete the fit out which I am sure will continue over a number of years. A priority will probably be the hotel which will be needed for the Olympics but I believe most of that is near the top of the tower so difficult to start that until the tower is complete.

Another tower to the right of the Shard has started to take shape, this one ‘The London Bridge Quarter‘ is all office space and offers a more conventional area for companies. Part of the same development it is probably going to make the project more profitable having a significant increase in sellable floor space. The problem with the Shard is the lower amounts of floor space as the tower gets smaller near the top compared to the size of the core. Next update when it is complete…

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