Support to ISPs will surely rocket?

I had an interesting lunch with a supplier last week and we got talking about the advances in televisions and that now it is common for new TVs to have network ports and deliver internet content. We all know that this is the way the industry is moving, even the likes of Sky, who have a very successful method of distribution, have been investing heavily in IP technology.

However one problem with the advance in IP technology is the delivery of it and more importantly how reliable it is. For example we were discussing what was normal when using the Internet at home. If I was watching iPlayer, for example, and the Internet connection failed I would probably reboot the router and then have a cup of tea. If it didn’t come back it would probably be 50/50 if I would then call the support line. More likely I would get on with some other jobs or move towards the TV.

With the advent of IP TV however we agreed that the likelihood of calling support would be much higher. If you were in the middle of Eastenders or watching a football game I am sure you wouldn’t wait to call support. Our tolerance would be much lower, just because our expectations have been so high so so long. The terrestrial method for distribution is relatively simple and so it works well, rarely failing. IP media however is a much newer and complex technology being delivered over networks not used to supplying such high levels of guaranteed uptime.

So the question will be what impact this has on the support teams of ISPs and if this will have a material impact on the service they deliver or the price they charge?

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