Something to work for

I have written before about my desire for a Bugatti but Audi have just put a spanner in the works with their new R8 coupe with Lamborghini’s V10 engine. At a shave over £100K it is positively good value when compared to the Bugatti and even undercuts the Lambo by £40K. Going to be a few years yet until all of this is anything but a pipe dream but for now this is what I am going to work towards.

Interesting fact with this car is that it is the first in the world to get LED headlights which will replace the xenon bulbs, and I assume as they get cheaper will become options on lesser Audis in the future. Also I would imagine the servicing and running costs will be a little less than Lamborghini’s Gallardo which I understand can be as much as £30K per annum!

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