So far so normal

With the Olympics in full swing everything seems to be rather normal. This of course is a good thing but with months of meetings and contingency planning on how staff would get into the office and what demands will be put on our network everything seems to be pretty much on par with expectations.

Granted there is more traffic being consumed, about 20% over the average and with some peaks reaching 37% but on the whole the traffic is more than manageable and a far cry from the network meltdown being mooted before the Olympics started. There is of course more to come as the games continue and the excitement builds but at the moment it is very much business as usual.

The network situation seems to be very much replicated across London as a whole as the city seems somewhat quieter than before the games started. With Londoners taking note of the ‘traffic chaos’ people who are not at the games seem to be staying away. Maybe also due to the fact that the Olympic venues are half empty… or that planning is precision and lessons such as Atlanta have been learned.

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