Proof that I am not the only weirdo cleaning my car

Ever since I have been into cars I have had a desire to keep them looking super clean and shiny. I assume it comes back to my aspiration to have everything looking ship shape and as new as possible for as long as possible. I have managed to clean my cars weekly to ensure they maintain their showroom shine even throughout the depths of winter. I am so persistent with this that friends regularly comment if they see any dirt on a car I am driving. I am of course used to the jibes and the regular ‘you can clean mine when you have done yours’ comments from neighbours.

It was only recently however that I got sucked into the world of car detailing. Sad I know but stay with me because there seems to be quite a few people enjoying this odd kind of self-harm. I mean really, who in their right mind would spend nine hours on a weekend cleaning their car? Well until recently I thought I might be the only one but there seems to be thousands of us poor souls all being ignored by society and left to feed our addictions on our own. And an addiction it really is, spend a few minutes trawling through the biggest forum, Detailing World (have a look at this Lamborghini being detailed for example or some non car examples like this hoover!), and I promise you will suddenly loose an hour or two out of your day.

For something that will get dirty the moment you get the wheels turning it seems odd to spend so much time claying, snow foaming and polishing but the end results are usually stunning and the car stays cleaner for longer. With a wide range of products available from specialist websites the amount you can spend on car cleaning equipment is simply staggering but in my mind worth it especially if it is like driving a new car every week. I even got my new car professionally detailed at the dealership before picking it up just because apparently the finish new cars have isn’t always as good as it can be.

So next time you see someone breaking a sweat with their car take a moment to admire the hard work, dedication and probably expense in keeping their motor looking top notch.


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