Reasons for Technical Support

Some of you may be interested to read our latest statistics on our support at Fluidata. Being a business only ISP it is quite interesting reading, especially as I would have assumed the fact we deal with IT Directors would reduce the number of false support requests we would receive. In fact it still remains the highest proportion of the calls our technical team handle. Also it highlights that nearly 40% of all tickets are for problems that less than 2% of our customer calling support receive. This means our tech guys are dealing with a huge range of different problems and highlights the complex nature of internet service delivery.

38.79% – Other

10.09% – No Fault Found

8.91% – BT Network

7.79% – Unknown

7.21% – Client Hardware Configuration

4.98% – Router Hardware

4.46% – BT Hardware

3.93% – Client Software Configuration

3.80% – BT Software Configuration

3.54% – Client Hardware

3.15% – Fluidata Configuration

3.15% – Cable & Wireless Hardware

And for those of you who don’t understand the techno jargon will be please to note that nearly 8% of faults reported are unknown and for whatever reason fix themselves on their own. It reminds me of a story when an ISP had to spend many hours investigating a fault whereby the client lost connectivity every morning at 6 am for 30 minutes. In the end an IP camera setup in the client’s office showed the cleaner unplugging the router so the vacuum cleaner could be used!

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