Gartner says think about today and not tomorrow

Don’t know if anyone recently read the article in Computer Weekly (11-17 November issue) which was based on the recent Gartner Symposium. But interesting feedback by Gartner for global CIOs on cutting costs in the current economic climate. What I didn’t agree with however was their suggestion on companies settling for lower SLAs in order to cut costs. What they said was that the cost of adding extra uptime costs in the region of 30% more for each .9% added.

I would have said that companies instead need to work harder to ensure they get better value rather than expecting less from their supplier’s guarantees. If their partner can’t meet their SLA requirements for the price they want to pay then they should look elsewhere and not settle for less. This is the exact short-termism that got us into the situation we find ourselves and businesses shouldn’t use the opportunity to change systems to save a few pounds now and regret it later when it goes wrong.

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