Cisco 2911

PureFluid gets an upgrade

Our aggregation platform which bonds multiple internet lines together (including different products and carriers) has had a mild facelift with the launch of newer Cisco hardware. Having standardised the platform on Cisco over two years ago the product has gone from strength to strength as businesses choose PureFluid where fibre options are limited or too expensive.

Previously we used the Cisco 2811 chassis with a combination of different cards including the notoriously difficult to get hold of ADSL2+ Annex-M variant. But with the launch of the newer Cisco 2911 we are now able to ship with the newer VDSL2 card which not only supports ADSL2+ but also newer VDSL technologies, such as PULSE. The larger chassis can deal with the higher throughputs as potentially we will be able to achieve up to 160 Mb/s down and 40 Mb/s up with four VDSL lines bonded together.

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