Professional meets amateur

Recently I took delivery of a new mountain bike. Usually such an event wouldn’t be worth a mention but when I had to wait several months for it to be built in Germany I realised that actually I had ordered something quite special and completely out of my league.

It all started with a visit to a specialist mountain bike retailer in Cheltenham which had a knack of displaying all the bikes just so and after trying a few I was convinced that I now needed a full suspension bike, especially one in carbon fibre, 150 mm of travel front and back, and with a seat that goes up and down automatically. Obviously my life had been incomplete until this point and spending car money on a Cube bicycle appeared completely normal. I then had a number of months in which to regret my decision but the other week I took delivery of my new toy.

I wouldn’t call myself professional by any means of the word but I do enjoy cycling more than running and off road more than on road. This bike is just incredible in the way it feels and how it rides to the extent that I even now consider it good value. I am even planning my weekends now around when and where I can take it, with a trip down to the Alps required as soon as possible.

I did get a mountain bike fix recently in Montenegro while visiting my old man; however riding for four hours up 700 meters of ascent in 38 degree heat on a child’s bike didn’t really match the experience of the new bike but was enjoyable all the same.

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