MX480 Fluidata Business ISP

New network starts to take shape

A few months ago we announced to much fanfare that we were investing nearly £2.5m into new hardware across our network. Last week saw the first of ten new chassis being deployed into our network ahead of the Olympic network freeze. This is the Juniper MX480 series which with a number of upgrades will allow us to support 100 Gb/s services to customers as and when required. The Cisco hardware will be installed once it arrives…

We have been quite amazed at the growth of fibre services over the last few years but also how quickly businesses have adopted higher 1 and 10 Gb/s services in response to their increasing requirement for higher data transmission. We are hoping this investment will provide a good basis on which to support the next generation of services and also allow us to be completely flexible in how and where a service is delivered.

Personally I am quite pleased I am not being asked to help get these boxes into the racks. Apparently they arrive on their own specially designed pallets and require quite a few people in the support team to get them into the racks. They are all built to order too, it would be very annoying I assume to rack it up only to find it DOA (dead on arrival) but I assume that is why they have chosen Juniper.

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