Muscle car

Recently returned from a trip to California and to make it a true American journey I decided I needed to drive a muscle car. The sort of car that you wouldn’t dream of owning in the UK, something that could cope with the twists and turns of route 101. My choice was the new Ford Mustang with the 3 litre V6. So it has all the looks of a muscle car but not the performance of a V8 I wanted. However my disappointment was short lived and I really enjoyed my time driving it. And even better if you live in the US you can pick up a car like this for about $25K which seems really good value.

From living in the US as a young boy I was always under the impression that America just built straight roads. However after visiting the Napa valley and driving route 101 down past San Francisco and along the Big Sur I can confirm there are some corners! It was a great holiday and anyone thinking about going should definitely make the effort – just treat yourself to a cool car.

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