It’s good to stay in touch

A good example of how far we have come with technology over the past few decades can be summarised by my brother, Toby, who last week moved to the USA. For most, a trip across what we now call the pond, is a momentous and significant event but with the advances in telecoms it doesn’t seem such a big deal. Obviously he is on his own now and away from the support of the family, but with so many and affordable forms of communication he is in close contact.

I am, for example, able to walk around my office speaking to him for free using Skype on my IPhone, which in turn is connected to the wireless internet. He is able to do the same at his end, and so we are able to talk as if it was a mobile to mobile call for nothing. If he is next to his laptop we can fire up a video call, which to be fair is pretty lousy, but much more meaningful and entertaining than an email.

When he starts work we will be able to use the full HD video conferencing systems in our respective offices and talk as if we are in the same room. Something my Grandad would not have been able to comprehend. For him, moving to America would have been a huge undertaking and one you do without the support of your family, whereas Toby is able to call upon his family at a moments notice. I wish him every success.

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