For god’s sake Audi!

Just when I thought all was well in the car front Audi has gone and put a big spanner in the works with the launch of the Audi Q3 RS at the Chinese Motorshow.

Back in December I put my order down for one of the new Range Rover Evoques after deciding I needed a more practical car that could tow the Atom and pick up friends from the train station.

I liked the look of the Evoque and thought the petrol version would fit my lifestyle, and while not as quick as the TT-S I thought it would be just the job. My only reservations were going from a dual clutch gearbox back to an auto and Landover’s legendry build quality (or lack of it). With regards to the latter it looks like it is a bit hit and miss on the forums as to how the car is put together.

However with the potential launch of a Q3 in RS specification (and in Fluidata blue) I am now in a bit of a quandary. I am a petrol head at heart and having a five cylinder 350 Bhp engine in the package I need is making me think if I should cancel the Evoque order and go for the Q3? Apparently it is estimated to be as quick as the TT to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and not run out of puff until 160 mph. That coupled with the excellent S-Tronic gearbox, ability to carry five people and tow it has all the benefits of my current car with few downsides.

It would be nice to go down the Evoque route but unless they release a performance version soon it might be another Germanic purchase.

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