Fibre will cost £28.8 bn

Interesting report out from Broadband Stakeholder Group which Fluidata has been a member of since 2004. Basically putting into context the investment BT has earmarked for fibre deployment. BT has said they are going to spend £1.5 bn when actually it would cost more like £28.8 bn to give the UK fibre. So as discussed earlier in this blog the investment is more of a marketing campaign rather than a commitment to getting the UK running with glass.

Also driving into London last Sunday I flicked over to Radio 4 which had an excellent program on the growth of bandwidth (Bringing On the Bandwidth) and the sort of applications requiring more speed. Great quote from BT saying that broadband offering at the moment is plenty….! I’ll have to talk to the PR people as to why I was not included in the comment.

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