Fibre in 7-days sir? No problem.

I have just got back from a short holiday to the news that one of our customers ordered a 100 Mb/s leased line that was installed in just 7-days! Obviously it was an optimum site with their carrier of choice already onsite, but with leased lines being more prevalent, I see this kind of lead-time becoming more achievable.

As it was, we were left on the back foot to quickly send out a configured switch so the customer could use it. Rarely in the years have we provided DSL or fibre technology has any delay in installation been down to us. Nice problem to have though.

What it also highlights is that as fibre is rolled out about the country, having a network that can interconnect with all the major carriers becomes more necessary to offer each customer choice. While BT may always get a bit of stick, at least with BT Openreach in charge of copper services it is easy to change carriers, rather than being stuck with an incumbent without any way of changing provider. But I am sure some of you would argue that is exactly what BT is.


  • Kelsey Buck says:

    Can I ask was BT the provider of the 7 day install leased Line?

    • Piers says:

      No it was Colt in this case. Having said that BT have been working much harder, especially in London, and we typically see 30-days for a simple leased line activation.

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