Monster moves in next door

This week sees the completion of 7 More London which, as of next month, will become the home of Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). In a plan to consolidate some of their London offices, this building will house thousands of staff over eight floors right next to City Hall.

The building is impressive with a roof garden on the third floor, a huge atrium and two sky bridges linking two sides of the building together. I wouldn’t dare guess how much it must have cost to build or kit out but it looks like no expense spared.

More London has been our home for the past year and with the completion of this building sees the development of the site come to a close. It has been really interesting see the site develop over the past few years (from our old office in Tooley Street) and hopefully the addition of a few thousand PwC employees wont impact the atmosphere. It will be interesting to see how Ernst & Young employees enjoy working directly opposite PwC.

I still find it odd however how so many of these big companies seem want to locate themselves so close to each other. I can understand it in the high street where restaurant chains battle it out next to each other, and estate agents all group together, but surely for big business it makes no sense? Just in More London we have the two law firms, Norton Rose next to Lawrence Graham and the building we are in seems to be sponsored by private equity firms. Surely they aren’t expecting to pick up passing trade, or more likely make it easier for staff to shift from one company to the other!


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