Desperate for business

It has been interesting watching how our competitors have reacted to the global downturn. There seems to be almost desperation among them to secure new business at the moment with clients reporting a huge increase in calls, spam and post. I assume that an unstable Tiscali in the industry hasn’t helped matters. But I can’t see this surge being sustained and the battle being fought in terms of price and speed rather than reliability and flexibility is probably one hitting other industries as well. There seems to be a price war at the moment in fibre with everyone offering excellent pricing until the time you actually place the order and have to wait 3-months to be told there are going to be excess charges. If it is cheap there is probably a good reason!

Our focus has always been on existing customers and maintaining bread and butter business. Surely this is the way to grow a stable and profitable company? If you do something well and keep customers happy then new ones always find a way to your door. Probably a simplified view but from my perspective we have innovated, have a unique product portfolio and business is booming. Yes we have seen a number of clients hit the wall but it is trivial next to the business we are winning.

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