Business look to bonding

The industry seems to be waking up to the idea of bonding as the demand for higher upload and download speeds increases. Fluidata has been doing this for the past few years under the PureFluid brand and the technology has really gone from strength to strength.

Quite a few offerings out there have made a name for themselves by bonding together multiple BT ADSL or SDSL lines so customers can benefit from the higher upload. The problem with this is that apart from the extra speed it doesn’t offer customers any other benefits that would put it apart from the alternative, a leased line. So we have turned the idea on its head and currently are the only UK carrier to offer multiple carriers into the same solution. This is because we own and manage the core part of the network which means we can bond not only different products together like ADSL2+ and SDSL at the same time but also choose which carrier they come from.

This is a real benefit for clients looking for a resilient and self healing network and gets as close as a SME can to a diverse internet feed without spending hundreds of thousands on diverse fibre digs at their premises. As the offering uses two carriers it is very unlikely both DSLAMs at the local phone exchange would suffer from a failure at the same time providing businesses not only a high upload and download but also excellent uptime.

I understand that Gartner believe there are 100,000 2 Mb/s Leased Lines out there with BT (using IP Frame Relay technology) for which clients are probably paying in excess of £500 per month. All of which could benefit from a more cost effective PureFluid product offering higher speeds and more resilience.

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